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Gothic Beauty - 97%

Shadow_Walker, November 18th, 2007

After two albums with an unpolished combination of gothic, death, and doom with depressive-aggressive style, Theatre of Tragedy made great music progression. They made “Aegis”.

This album has a uniquely melodic, ethereal sound.
The guitars sound tuneful, resounding, and provide metallic goth rock riffs. Drums give slow, hypnotic rhythm to the music.However, some heavier parts are still present in certain places.Synth beats, electronics and especially tender keyboards play very important roles for the typical dark romantic atmosphere.Clean and deep, the haunting male vocals contrast to the angelic voice of Liv Kristine in magnificent vocal parts.

The songs are like a part of a whole,part of one storyline. Each continues, complements and develops further the other. They follow the same idea but with different structures,feelings and aspects of the main plan.
All the gothic ideals are recreated in the music and you feel like you’re having a really good time in the nearby goth club.

It’s almost a perfect album - a gloomy symphony of beautiful sounds and emotions. But it’s not easy to understand with one listen.Nevertheless, once you see the beauty it will always be there.