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The White Swan > The White > Reviews > Twisted_Psychology
The White Swan - The White

I Have Learned My Lesson - 85%

Twisted_Psychology, June 9th, 2022

While The White Swan’s second EP features the same sludge-doom template that marked the preceding Anubis, right down to also having three songs, there’s been some notable growth in that year. Most notably, the guitar has somehow gotten even thicker, overwhelming the listener with a wall of crushing fuzz. This is best demonstrated with the opening “North Carolina,” over six minutes of pure instrumental amp worship with a trudging crawl that’s between Acid King and Conan. Perhaps it’s a bit much but it’s one hell of a way to announce some forward momentum.

The other two tracks may not go that far but they do have some strong substance behind them. “Lions” is the most accessible of the lot, spending its relatively compact structure with a confident stride that builds into some neat chorus layers. The seven-minute title track sees that amp worship come back with a vengeance though filling it out with echoing wails and an exotic tone that makes it sound like a cross between High Priestess and Forming the Void. If The White Swans’ various EPs were all combined to form a full-length album, The White would likely be the strongest part.