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The Deathship has set sail, and what a voyage - 90%

Peccata_Mortali, February 16th, 2005

This is a truly great album that just screams character and appropriately fitting atmosphere. The rough vocals and the lyrics themselves really bring this album alive, as do the brilliantly used backing vocals and moments of unearthly speech. The horror theme is very well done and all the songs are perfectly fitting to it, with powerful bass backing up all the songs and really bringing them out. The first track builds up with a haunting piano solo and some captivatingly ghostly female vocals which really sets the feeling of the album before the rest of the instruments kick in with some menacing background male vocals.

Every song is powerful and entertaining, and there isn't a weak track throughout. The vocals are one of the most outstanding features of the album and fit brilliantly into place with the powerful use of instruments. With eerie background tunes accompanying theses songs they do not fail to impress on every level. The songs range from mighty powerful tunes to more slow and daunting symphonies with well dragged out vocals and accompanying instruments. I feel that this is a very original and entertaining album with interesting lyrics and an excellently executed horror theme that plays a part in all the songs, but not overly so that it becomes annoying or the only noticeable feature of the album.

This will make a worthwhile addition to anyone’s metal collection, regardless of whether or not you are a fan of the genre.