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Uninspired Yet Fun - 70%

DaveMustardstaine, March 9th, 2014

Let me start with this. This album, while fun, is nothing unique to the genre. Lyrically and vocally, it shines, but that's as far as its creativity goes. For the most part, this album has very boring and uncreative instrumentals, and several similar sounding instrumental tracks. Even the hidden track is very similar to other tracks.

However, as I said, this album is also fun. The lyrics are very fantasy-centered, and J.D.'s vocals are very powerful on pretty much every track. This isn't enough to save the album, though. The very few, very catchy tracks that stand out on this album are The Black River, The Frost Giant's Daughter and Under The Boughs. With the exception of these tracks, this album makes nothing more than decent background music.

Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzypherians tends to drag on, the instrumentals The Sundering, and The White Sea feel very uninspired, and mostly just break up the flow of the album, and How Heavy This Axe, while catchy, has yet more uninspired instrumentals.

I would recommend this album for people who are new to doom metal, but for veterans of the genre, this is nothing new or unique. It makes for a good entry point into this genre, which, in this case, is both a good and bad thing.