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Sword Of Doom - 85%

B76484, March 20th, 2009

This album is barely doom, I understand. It is more or less very Black Sabbath educed stoner rock. Nonetheless, I love it and I believe it deserves the 85 I gave it with every ounce of listening-ship I have.

The album starts with a great short little instrumental entitled “The Sundering”, the title alone makes me want to drink a keg and do the Irish jig. It starts out acoustic, but quickly escalates into a heavy, Sabbath sounding song. I love the solo, simple yet effective. The guitar playing overall in the album is great, period. I love music that you can just rock out to when no one’s home or even if someone is home, and this album is just that.

The vocals are very Ozzy like, and I love Ozzy vocals. This album as a whole reminds me so much of early Black Sabbath, that when I first heard a couple of tracks off of it I thought it was Sabbath! This could be taken in a bad way, but I don’t look at it as such. The bass playing is very nice, very stoner rocky, same with the drums. I love how they’re so primitively played, using every drum an cymbal that guy has in the kit in the most effective way possible on tracks like “How Heavy This Axe” and “Mother, Maiden, & Crone” you can really hear the powerful pounding of the drums.

I’d really like to see these guys live, I think it would really help the experience that it is of listening to them. I’d recommend this to anyone who loves early Black Sabbath or anything like that. For fans of bands like Sleep and the like as well.