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Raw and Unfocused - 75%

peacefrog36, July 1st, 2008

In their first release you see a band trying to capture the same essence and power of old sabbath while throwing in the occasional thrash riff. At times it works and results in a headbanging gem such as in Freya, Iron Swan, or Lament of the Aurochs. While in other songs the attempts to create some massive grandoise masterpiece just result in two minutes of wow and another four minutes of 'this songs still going'.

The guitar throughout the album sticks with heavy riffing with a few exceptions (Iron Swan, March of the Lor) While the riffs are acceptable few of them really standout and some sound like a variation of other doom or stoner bands work. The solos are actually pretty good but are few between and and only two are actually good the whole way through. You find that you'll enjoy snippets of the solos and not the whole thing most of the time.

The drums are complex and are constantly in bang your ass off mode. Trivett shows excellent timing and intracacies but The Sword sticks with a bashing plodding beat while trying to compose songs of monolithic porportion. As I said the drums are always 'on'. Their is one drum solo (Ebethron)

The bass usually follows the guitar with slight variations on the riffs but it also is lost in the maelstrom of noise that comes from the dual guitars and the bashing drums.

In a whole the band tries 'too' hard at times just causing songs to more and more overblown and ridiculous as there run time becomes longer and longer. The lyrics are cheesy at times and are just basic recalling of norse mythology.

The album overall is a decent first release with some very bright spots and some slow, overblown parts that just result in noise. The album has an almost jam like feel during many songs, it seems like the band just went in the studio without ever actually deciding how long their songs should be or how its format would be (their is no verse chorus verse styles here). The songs seem like they came out of jams with lyrics thrown in. Only a few songs escape this.

The band has almost all of its ingredients but it still hasn't figured out how much of each should go in.

Best tracks: Iron Swan, Freya, Celestial Crown/Baraels Blade,