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The Sword – Age of winters - 70%

inaholereviews, November 9th, 2007

The Sword – Age of winters
My First impression of this album was not good, too slow and too dull. But out off all the albums I've come to listen to recently this is the one that has grown on me by far the most. From the outset this album from this Texan doom metal band, with its aptly name "age of winters" came across to me as a sounding a bit like early Black Sabbath played really slowly. Though as time and this album progressed, the slow, almost classic guitar riffage played with its sluggish rhythm, became more and more infectious to me.

The guitars although slow, they contain a certain groove and energy, giving a more complex sound that is surprising catchy. Infused with a great strong southern sound gives each track its edge, the groove of this album is really makes this album stand out from other doom metal bands. Although Doom metal, this it is not specially heavy, The vocals, with a doubled / dual vocal sound, deliver cold and eerie sound to the music that fits very well with the lyrical themes of Norse mythology thought-out.

This is not an album that catches you by the balls, and most people wont like this album initially, but this album is an acquired taste, slowly growing on you. For that reason this bands unique sound deserves a second or third listen.

Best tracks: Freyu, Iron Swan, Winters Wolves