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A Great Beginning - 93%

goober, November 25th, 2006

Nowadays, finding an old school heavy metal band is comparable to searching for the Holy Grail: it's a (usually) fruitless search for a great treasure. However, The Sword has put out a great album here.

I like how the singer is very old school. Nice voice, none of that stupid high pitched bat-like screaming (no offense if you like that stuff). The guitar work is extraordinary, the riffs are awesome and the drumming is intense. The band brings all these good traits together in songs like "Freya" and "Winter's Wolves." However, not everything is positive about this album. The instruments at times drown out Cronise's voice at times, more or less because of imbalance between the volume of the instruments and the singing. The sound quality is also not top-notch. The instrumentals are also something not to brag about. Finally, the band seems like it is using the same rhythm for many of the songs, which makes it feel like they are playing the same thing over and over, even though they really aren't.

Most of the mistakes The Sword makes seem to be common for newcomers, which may be turnoffs to some people. However, they also prove that they clearly have potential, and are willing to use it. If you want to fucking rock out, and you are looking for something a bit different, then get this album.