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Why? - 25%

calm_sea, December 28th, 2010

I'm not going to spout off a line of jive about how this album (and band) are a plague upon the metal world, but I don't know what the purpose of this album (and band) is.

The structure of these songs is incredibly repetitive and weak, the vocals are bland, and the lyrics are contrived, rudimentary, and mind numbing.

Everything about the music pushed out here by The Sword seems pointless. There's no immediacy to any of the music or the lyrics. It seems so passionless. The lyrics are very basic given the topics they concern, and at the end of the record I'm left wondering why I've been listening to this thing and why I should care about any of this.

From a studio sound perspective, it's not that horrid. Though the cymbal use is confusing, that's more of a criticism on the playing, not the studio sound. I listen to music with a wide range of recording qualities, and I generally prefer records with a more organic and warm sound, even if the quality is harsh, compared to a streamlined and overly produced one. This record is somewhere in the middle and from a sound perspective it does not bother me.

I think I will theorize as to the reason for this record (and bands') existence. There has been a widespread rise in heavy bands in the doom/stoner and "traditional" metal genre in the last 10 years with varying degrees of success. I'm assuming these guys formed as a direct result of this in order to make some loot. There's no obvious passion here and from what I've gathered the band members have no other reason to carry the torch for heavy metal. When the metal scene members stop yelling about how The Sword is destroying metal they'll realize that none of the audience this music seems to have been made for will even remember their records. This music is disposable.