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Piece of art - 100%

OdiumRagnarok, July 10th, 2003

With only their first album ‘The Sins of Thy Beloved’ achieved great success, and this is understandable due to the fact that Lake of Sorrow is a really extraordinary album that graced the world of gothic-doom metal with music that surrounds you in a great, dark, and unique atmosphere.

The Sins of Thy Beloved transmits through their music emotions such as sorrow and sadness, and feelings such as pain. Each song is like a world of its own with its own subject and distinct music that makes the songs different from others. Even though the music is soft the guitars are not. I think they fit very well with their little heavy riffing. The drumming goes along with the rhythm of the music, we have some double bass here and there, and some fast-tempo blasts from time to time. The drumming is enough to not overload the music and spoil it. The keyboards and violin are important elements in this album; they enrich greatly the musical content of each song. Also when a song reaches a critical point like where melodies change – it could be because someone is crying and then dies for example- then the keyboards and the violin makes an especial entrance in which they are both played extraordinarily with such an expert musicianship that just amazes you. As in gothic metal bands we have here two types of vocals: male grunting vocals and female vocals. Anita Auglend is the responsible for the female vocals; therefore, she is the owner of that beautiful and angelical voice that made me enjoy with great delight this album from the beginning to the very end.

I want to conclude by saying that this album is a piece of art. It is amazing how the members of TSOTB can join all their music skills to create such wonderful music. I really enjoyed each of the songs in this album. Lake of Sorrow is simply beautiful