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Sinking in the lake of sorrow - 100%

loinclarm, June 19th, 2004

There is a popular story whose content is as follows: once there was an army of napoleon passing a bridge. When they began to get through this bridge, the commander ordered his army to march through it. But, to everyone¡¯s surprise, when they reached the middle of this bridge, it broke down suddenly.

Now, the physical textbook tells us, that is because the frequency of their steps was resonant with the bridge¡¯s own oscillating frequency, so the bridge¡¯s oscillation became stronger and stronger, and finally cause itself to break down.

This story does not mean to tell us how stupid the commander is, but wants to tell us that everything of this world has its own resonant frequency, if it matches with another suited one, then the effect will become the most prominent.

What I have described above seems non-relevant with a comment of an album, now I will explain it with more detail. I think everyone¡¯s heart has it¡¯s own pulsant frequency, and undoubtedly there must be some kind of other frequencies that can be resonant with it. For my own experience, when I listen to this album, I can do nothing but let my heart to be inspired by the beautiful and tearful music, sink in the lake of sorrow.

The music of The Sins of thy beloved is not kinds of music with the black color, which brings a feeling of fear or terror. It is some atmospheric and emotional music, with a color of dark or gray. As what you can see from the lake of sorrow: beneath the placid lake surface and in the cold lake-water, there is something subtle and hard to perceive. They conceal in there, and suddenly burst out in some particularly time. Just like many feelings deep in our heart, melancholy, sorrow, distress, and even desperation.

Generally, to present a gothic and doom feeling, a common way is the usage of some female vocals and violin, like what have done in Paradise Lost¡¯s ¡°Gothic¡± and My Dying Bride¡¯s ¡°Turn loose the swan¡±. The Sins of thy beloved has its own characteristic of these two elements, so as to make its music unmatched.

There is many violin solos in this album, which build an important part of the album, and largely contribute to emotional expression of their music. In most part of this album where need a turn in the musical feeling, it will come out a beautiful violin solos, which lead the music to some darker aspect and some heartbroken portion. But it is not because of Pete Johansen¡¯s skill of violin, actually, the melodies are not so sophisticate, but appropriate. They appear in the most suitable place, act the most suitable role, and always function to provide a striking key points.

If the violin has made the finishing point, the female vocal, Anita Augland, her voice has established the basic mood of the whole album. Anita is one of my favorite female singers, especially her wonderful singing in this album. Also, it is not because of her singing skill, but the way she expresses the song¡¯s subtle and obscure feeling. In this album, Anita¡¯s voice is always celestial and ethereal, for example, in the fifth song, until the dark. In this song, Anita¡¯s voice floats above the other instrument, like something hover on your heart, shade all the light from outside, and make your heart sink and sink, till the bottom of the abyss of sadness.

The keyboard is another outstanding section in the album, together with the female vocal, it makes some excellent part, bringing a dainty tune and dreaming atmosphere. In their musical composing, none of the instrument, especially that have been emphasized in the traditional heavy metal works, the guitar, the bass and the drum, is situated in a dominant place. What they concern most is how to coordinate various parts into a whole. And I think they have successfully combined all of these elements, and created the most beautiful and dolorous music I¡¯ve ever heard.

Compared to the pure technique, the emotion, or the feeling, is more subtle and more difficult to sense and express. And I think music should for the individual, for person who can have resonance with the music and can explore him/herself in the music. Concerning this album, I would say, there is something original in it, some primitive emotion and sensation that can cause my reaction. But, just like what is aforementioned by me, maybe it is just suited for me, suited for my own feelings of some certain moment.

This album and the theli of therion are my most favorite albums, and just like I said in theli¡¯s comment: if the score permit, I will give it 200. That is for its resonance with my heart, and for my own experience of sinking in the lake of sorrow.