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The Showdown > Temptation Come My Way > Reviews
The Showdown - Temptation Come My Way

Sell-out....... - 23%

19ThePreacher88, April 12th, 2010

I picked up The Showdown's second album Temptation Come My Way at a local bookstore after it had been recommended to me. I had heard and loved the third record, Back Breaker, but never heard anything from this, so I thought, "Hell yeah I'll get it."

Frankly, that $14.32 could've been spent on something better. A lot better. Here is my fair warning: DO NOT BUY THIS ALBUM IF YOU ARE EXPECTING ANOTHER BACK BREAKER!!! The album starts off with "Head Down", a song that starts out with a very simple, slightly catchy drum intro, which leads into a surprisingly great Guns 'N Roses-inspired guitar riff. That riff is soon backed up by the rhythm guitar part and a little more intense drum section. Soon, the vocals come in.

Now, The Showdown, to me, had always been some great fucking metal. Whether it was the groovy thrash of Back Breaker or the catchy death metal of A Chorus of Obliteration, they had always pulled off a great performance as one of Christian metal's top artists. But, unfortunately, Temptation Come My Way is a "sell-out album".

The vocalist is GREAT.... for a fan of mainstream, soft Christian rock. He does almost no harsh vocals throughout the album, and he unfortunately kills the greatness of the background instrumentals, making The Showdown sound like some sort of emo boy band. There are only some parts in which he does good, such as in the breakdown for "Breath of the Swamp", and for the whole title track.

There are obvious southern rock influences all throughout the album. The highlight songs are "Six Feet Under", "Breath of the Swamp", "Temptation Come My Way", and the surprisingly great Kansas cover of "Carry on My Wayward Son". Every other song is pretty much shit, except for a couple of songs that would be great had the singer not killed them, ("Head Down", "Spitting in the Wind")

I'm just letting you know, I would only have bought the album if it were in a pile of $1 albums, and just for the sake of owning another The Showdown album.