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A step back into a hypnotiying musical ocean - 70%

kluseba, July 1st, 2013

The third output about creatures and legends of the seven seas by the Chinese folk metal band The Samans is disappointing and promising at the same time.

Let me explain this paradox. First of all, this new release only includes sixteen minutes of music which is definitely too short. Three out of five and more than half of the running time if this release is also purely instrumental. These instrumental tracks aren’t bad per se but they would have been greater with actual vocals and little bit more development.

Concerning the two songs with vocals, they are very promising for a possibly upcoming full length release. Both tracks have a great sound and mix enchanting folk melodies with gripping riffs. Harsh death metal vocals meet a few clean vocals as well. The melodies are emotional and the choruses are catchier than ever before. This style reminds a lot of the better tracks by the Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie. In my opinion, both bands even sound a little bit too similar and it’s quite evident who is the original and who happens to be the ambitious copy. In the title track, I also hear a slight Linkin Park influence in the clean chorus but maybe that’s just me. Traditional metal purists won't listen to this release anyway. This third EP in three years marks somehow another change of style in the band history. Let’s hope that the band has finally found its own direction by now. The two regular songs are not that original but they are joyful and performed with conviction and passion. I'm ready to here more songs of that Quality anytime soon.

Let’s wait and see what a regular full length or extended EP might bring. The tracks “Whalesong” and “Moby Dick” are Eluveitie clones but definitely both among the five best songs The Samans have ever written until now. A track like “Whalesong” has everything to gain an international breakthrough. I’ve you’re intrigued by my review you shouldn’t hesitate to check this out.

The Samans would in my opinion also be a great opening band for acts like Alestorm, Eluveitie or Turisas among others and should soon be known to a larger public around the world. And maybe I would have been one of the first to have discovered and introduced you to this promising band...

Originally written for The Metal Observer