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The Ruins of Beverast / Almyrkvi - The Ruins of Beverast / Almyrkvi

Cosmic Ruins - 85%

Nattskog7, July 20th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Ván Records

Icelandic black metal cosmonauts Almyrkvi and German doom-laden black metallers The Ruins Of Beverast have joined forces, each offering two brand new song on a split.

Almyrkvi drive forth pummelling riffs and drum work with glacial leads to present an otherworldly, eerie and gorgeous display of black metal from a far away realm. The scornful assault continues, met with hideously howled and guttural vocals which work excellently with the storm of dark instrumental conjurations. The dreamy resplendence of the guitars intertwining with the drums creates an ambient and mesmerising flow of truly unsettling yet stunning extremity. Packed with a forceful disdain and aggressive yet experimentally fascinating performance, Almyrkvi utilise their imaginative and outstanding songwriting abilities. These two new pieces are just as magnificent as the previous works from one of Iceland’s premier bands. Ferocious, dissonant and encompassing a massive sound, we see a vicious and tight duo of songs which are destructive, bold and breathtaking. Melodic sections and clean vocals counter the harsher sections to give even more variety to the unique pieces while overall they remain punishing with a magnitude just as unwieldy as ever. Truly wonderful.

The Ruins Of Beverast start of their side with ritualistic chants, adding more dynamic to the haunting split. The tribal style weirdness continues with some strange soundscapes permeating the air, building just as Almyrkvi did towards a monstrous extreme metal storm, this split seemingly running parallel in a really splendid way. Droning, gurgled vocals and tremolo picked riff onslaughts ease into fruition, delving down a dark and morbid pathway. The experimental psychedelia we see on this side works in glorious contrast to the similarly cosmic yet massively different approach of the Almyrkvi tracks. Although slightly less visceral, The Ruins Of Beverast touch upon much more hypnotic sounds with their doomy approach that are easy to be enticed by. Thunderous, eerie and malevolent, their two contributions to the split are like a warped mirror, displaying the same energies and oddities but in an entirely different manner. This is the kind of music that you can just as easily meditate to as be swallowed by a void of despair.

This is a truly unearthly and inhuman split from two of the most interesting black metal bands around. Taking the ferocity of the genre into new realms of oddness and depravity, Almyrkvi and The Ruins Of Beverast imbue the energies of something unhinged and dark with marvellous songwriting from both. Pushing the boundaries of black metal in unison, this split is unmissable for black metal fans with open minds who wish to hear something truly expansive.

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