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A journey in the uttermost depths of man - 95%

beletty, August 10th, 2007

"Rain Upon the Impure" is the second album released by Alexander von Meilenwald, the drummer of legendary "Nagelfar", under the monicker "The Ruins of Beverast". Here he handles all the instruments and vocals by himself.
Esentially it offers a deeper and darker experience than most black metal albums. On the way we find a hard wall of guitars made out of a buzzy but controlled sound with barely distinguishable melodic fluctuations. The drumming is very tight and intense. Von Meilenwald definitely improved since "Unlock the Shrine" released 2 years before. The ocasional bass notes reverb offers a necesary dose of fluidity. Vocally, the album is most impressive. Von Meilenwald's growl is similar to that of Akerfeldt from Opeth on "Orchid". However the former is deeper and stronger. Ecclesiastic choirs and movie fragments are scattered along the album, which bring the listener to a contemplative state and imbue the atmosphere with obscurity. Vincent Price quotes Edgar Allan Poe with his ethereal voice in the interlude from 'Blood Vaults': 'And travellers now within that valley/ Through the red-litten windows, see/ Vast forms that move fantastically/ To a discordant melody'. The fragment is from 'The Haunted Palace', a horror movie from the 60s, made after Poe's telling with the same name. The production gets most credit for the atmosphere though, distant and resonant, you can still hear the instruments without any major intricacy.
Overall a very long album (one hour and 20 minutes), atmospheric, contemplative, dark in the true meaning.