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Primal Dance. - 90%

Perplexed_Sjel, December 6th, 2007

'Rain Upon The Impure' is Alexander von Meilenwald's first attempt at repeating the glory of the debut full-length album, 'Unlock The Shrine'. The great thing, well, one of the great things about the first album was it's daring nature. It wasn't afraid to tackle area's of music that black metal had rarely, if ever, ventured to. Alexander von Meilenwald experimented with sound to create perhaps the best black metal creation in years. 'Rain Upon The Impure' to me, signifies The Ruins Of Beverast intent is to remain highly experimental. I think when the second record came out, people judged it far too quickly. Stating they hated the change in production, it didn't suit the band, there is a distinct lack of creativity, but as time as gone on, people have come to realise that drastically changing the style of this German band is experimentation.

'Rain Upon The Impure' is by far a more typical black metal album in many ways. The production is exactly what you'd expect. You couldn't say it's poor because everything is still clear enough to hear properly. However, it is vastly different. For starters, it's not entirely clear either. The huge amount of distortion that has gone into the guitars especially has changed the face of this German band. The production was clear and that's how people liked it because it was a bit different. Now we're faced with a production that commands the attention of it's audience, which in many ways is a good thing. Instead of judging this record purely on past efforts, we're forced to listen to 'Rain Upon The Impure' carefully and judge it for what it is. In my opinion, it's not as good as the debut, but it's still a great album, but in it's own distinctive ways. Such an occurrence is probably a major bonus for fans. Hearing the same material, but slightly recycled isn't interesting. Getting a taste of something completely different to what we were expecting is and that is how 'Rain Upon The Impure' has panned out. It's different and thank fuck for that. If it tried to imitate the style of the last album, it might fail spectacularly, so why bother?

There was a dark feeling on the previous album, but here is where it really takes off. 'Rain Upon The Impure' is a malicious metalfest. It's not as fast flowing, it's much slower and takes time to develop. In this instance, we probably end up with far better soundscapes than before. On 'Unlock The Shrine', there were a number of shorter songs. They didn't detract from the atmosphere or harm the record in any way, but with 'Rain Upon The Impure' we're faced with assault after assault. This is a diverse approach, despite what many may think. The bass and guitars are based more towards repetition than before. This keeps that darkened atmosphere I spoke of earlier at the surface. The percussion is also an element that has become more repetitive too. Blast beats are occurring more often and more freely. Ambient acoustics offer strange periods of relaxation before the wave of darkness covers us all again.

'Rain Upon The Impure' is well on it's way to becoming a masterpiece just over a year after it's release. Long may the success continue.