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Rain upon the Impure - 100%

CoF, February 22nd, 2007

Glorious. „Rain Upon the Impure“ – the kind of album while listening to it someone has to ask himself why there hasn’t existed something similar before. Thereby the fundamentals are quite obvious: A production so unutterable black and reachable still escaping the clutching limbs in its franticness, a vocal performance which convulses marrow, bone and the Norwegian scene in their foundations and in the end the essence: Atmosphere in wasteful abundance.

Too short? Well, let’s try again.

Apocalypse – A term not alien to the world of music considering the clear bandwidth of styles commiting themselves (partially at least) to the fascinating musical version of this phenomenon. Mr von Meilenwald isn’t new to this profession either: With “Unlock the shrine” he raised the bar for apocalyptic sound experiences to a pretty high level. But that it would be necessary to secure oneself a new measure together with your copy of “Rain Upon the Impure” – not many could have considered that.

I’m not on giving too much away right now, as the album has been properly praised already by numerous Webzines and such, but what this man has constructed with comparative simple elements is indeed more than just remarkable: eighty minutes in time the listener is welcomed by ecstatic flushes, enters even (funeal-)doomlike fields and will rub his eyes beholding the sometimes just fantastically composed melodies. Not to mention the bag full of surprises.

Would Beethoven be still alive and in possession of working sences he’d touch his chest: Such a preconceived flow including complex dynamics and a tragic, no, addictive depth – my everlasting thankfulness (to throw away every bit of objectivity).

Thanks for your attention. Oh yes, buy it.

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