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The chant of glory for all the impure!!!! - 99%

AgeOfTheWiccans, May 10th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2009, CD, Ván Records (Reissue)

After the mediocre Blood Vaults, I was not inspired to listen to Alexander Von Meilenwald anymore. It was a huge deception after 4 years of waiting. To rebalance things, I went digging into the first offering of The Ruins Of Beverast named ''Unlock the Shrine' and to this day, it is still a masterpiece even though it was released back in 2003. Then, ''Rain Upon The Impure'' came out in 2006 and the rain fell on us; the impure. Alexander von Meilenwald's second opus can not be summarized. It is a roller coster with unimaginable turns and twists, an overflow of cool ideas (chants, riffs, atmosphere) melted into one album containig one of the most inspiring theme heard in recent years. It will disturb the unclean spirits and awaken the demon that lurks in the dark because Alexander sure did conjure the black forces on this album.

''Rain Upon The Impure'' spares no one and from the opening of "50 Forts Along The Rhine", a flood of violence is unleashed and a primitive black orchestra, that is very abrasive, transport you into an immense desolate place like the many forts standing next to you. It does not take a long moment to start things off because his fury will give place to a demented melody which he borrowed from mysticism; the enchanting choruses that make you think that Alexander is in a choir chanting the hymns of gloried gods and the acute guitars sounding like a rallying call are all found in this song. The unspeakable terrors created by this man engulfs us in a heavy and unhealthy atmosphere, but also the serious and inhuman voice of Alexander von Meilenwald is sending a hellish message throughout this song. All of these are the other jewels found on this single track. Indeed, in spite of a more distinct sound of slower and heady riffs coupled with a less disturbing atmosphere, it is like sending a strong odor of sulfur through the air that will hang around you. It is like the pit before you enter hell, it stinks of greatness. Unlike the latest album, the influences invoked the blaspheming and black universe of The Ruins Of Beverast, giving it a more mysterious aura.

There is a statement that is all the more striking when listening to the next track "Soliloquy Of The Stigmatised Shepherd". It is of a very low tempo which makes the doom/black metal sounds like a symphony. With a sumptuous energy, the clear vocals are filled with emotions as well as more catchy riffs are propulsing us into a kind of light trance. It is like letting you touch the light with your fingertips, but a harsh and disturbing climate plunges you into an even more profound uneasiness. The song is like the spectre of Thergothon, not far from this old shadow that they produced back in the days. A familiar feeling is felt by the interlude noise of "Rapture", which brings to life your deepest fears and summon what it seems like sombre designs.

The mastermind behind TROB is Alexander von Meilenwald and he has the ability to rise the impious crowd through these last two pieces whose are parallel with ''Blood Vault''. This is just striking because he still kept the essence, the blackness of The Ruins Of Beverats into a whole being, but much more defined. Throughout the next tracks, the tension always rises one notch with a sizzling and always perceptible reminder that the religious and omnipresent occult side of Alexander is present throughout this entire masterpiece. You follow the movement like watching the tail of a strange beast, which guides you to an unknown destination. The more you follow and the more you feel like you are crossing a city full of dark streets. The choruses and the choirs are again more and more obvious and compelling like the sound of a church's bell before Sunday mass. The drumming is constantly pounding and the decadence of this long process finally arrive like echoes while a hideous voice exhorts the crowds on "Blood Vaults (I ˗ Thy Virginal Malodour)". The macabre ceremony can finally begin with surprisingly melodious riffs, but also you find words spoken from time to time by a woman. The music is full of devotion, very engaging with each alternating passage of extremely violent melodies. You might experiment this with "Soil Of The Incestuous", a song that will reveal the truth for many who live on this earth.

The rain is finally pouring and the soil is incapable of absorbing our sins, this is where we stand now as the message is finally giving us a clear vision of what is like to stand in the rain. The culminated orgasm is finally reached with the title track. With its devastating effects, you suffocate in this ever more tainted air. You search in vain for the horizon, but you are swallowed up by the opaque clouds until the ancient gods finally emerge from their repose shedding blood and destruction. This could be his final vision because the apocalyptic "Rain Upon The Impure" is the end of all things and the beginning of a new era made of unfathomable suffering. It is a glorious ritual that's unfold and is filled with mesmerizing riffs. You cannot have a more spectacular ending than this.

If perfection does not exist, it is clear that this album is approaching fairly close to it since its delivering an occult and disturbing atmospheric black / doom sound. It is also synthesizing alone the purest evil that exists, stirring your deepest anxieties and fears. A soundtrack that is both nightmarish, but also paradoxically haunting the likes of the "Necronomicon" or "The King in Yellow". This nightmare will not stop haunting you and tormenting you until you listen to it again.