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Children of Belial - 80%

Nattskog7, July 26th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Iron Bonehead Productions (Bandcamp)

The Rite are back with their debut album of doomy black metal ritualism.

Chilling ambience and chiming bells set off our journey with a simple but incredibly effective ambience that is truly haunting, completed by creepy sampling. Monolith drums and crushing riffs crawl in with snarling vocals and subtle synths to drive forth a spiteful and aggressive monstrosity of black metal excellence akin to Denial Of God and Goatlord. This melancholic yet ripping onslaught certainly hits hard from the onset with an eerie atmospheric touch that is utterly brilliant. Ferocious rhythm sections are met with soaring guitar solos that give a real 80s feeling to the record.

Thrashing onwards, we get a tasteful blend of shell-shock aggression coupled with more textured doomy parts, adding such a viciously morbid feeling to the album. Harsh and biting, The Rite certainly develop on their already wonderful EP and demo with a really impeccable album. This slab of doomy black metal twists and turns in unexpected directions that are packed with groove, ambience and ferocity. Unholy demons from hell are unleashed in each track that transcends into the next with precision and focus.

A truly ancient sound really encompasses the archaic brilliance of The Rite, whom deliver gorgeously enticing atmospherics and crushing ritualistic hellfire in equal measure. Through the album there is this unrelenting energy of tangible evil and old school musicianship that still retains originality and class, doing something of their own. There is no mistaking the influence of classic first wave black metal on this album which is given an overhaul to conjure mystical forces in a renewed and majestic fashion.

Not only does this improve upon the previous works of the band, it also offers a new concoction of dark black metal forces that will not easily be shaken off or forgotten about. Those who hunger for the occult mysteriousness and rabid musical unleashing of late 80s extreme metal will be satisfied and enchanted by this record for certain. I certainly was. Fall under the spell of The Rite if you dare, for it is a magnificent tome of black metal excellence that conjures macabre beings that linger after the final piece ends.

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