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Completely sick. - 98%

Rinato, May 20th, 2008

This is quite an interesting side project containing members from various gore-influenced bands. All of these individuals come together to form the overly disturbing yet slightly fetishistically erotic band called The Ravenous.

This album contains many song titles that sound as though they are from the soundtrack of an old low budget horror movie combined with a sense of disturbed erotica (look at names such as Orgy in Dog's Blood and Feasting From The Womb) that would give Sigmund Freud a serious run for his money. Each of these tracks are extraordinarily well put together, weaving in and out of a very disturbed serial killer-esque feeling combined with genuine terror and sheer gutteral freakishness that also gives a very enlightening appeal, since countless death metal bands try to achieve this and fail. The Ravenous creates some of the most disturbing and genuinely horrifying death metal that I have ever heard from a band, and not only that, but they manage to even make it simply amazing from an intellectual standpoint- despite the seemingly generic and gorey song titles and lyrics.

Reading the lyrics might turn some away from the music (or, in more necrophilic and fetishistic cases, actually might appeal to some) but one has to look at what the lyrics are for: to aid the gutteral vocals in creating an atmosphere that is genuinely horrifying, as I stated before. Every single element of this album contributes to the atmosphere that the listener is a victim and the band is a serial killer preying on them. Do not misunderstand- one can also get the feeling of being the serial killer from the extraordinarily creepy overtones that get abused (in the good way) throughout this recording. This is a rarity- where the atmosphere can give off both ends of the spectrum depending on the mood and pre-perspective of the listener.

This release isn't quite perfect, however. It takes a listen or two to REALLY get into the atmosphere and ambiance of the music, but after that, it becomes so utterly easy to appreciate the near-perfection that is this release. This being my only real qualm, however, does not seriously take away any recognition or power from this full-length. I highly recommend it, especially to all death metal enthusiasts or gore enthusiasts. This is definitely a must-listen for anyone looking for high-quality death metal or interested in the psychology of a madman. Even ambient/dark ambient listeners may find themselves enjoying this release, despite the fact it is neither.