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Sickest of the Sick! - 80%

Madman, December 29th, 2002

Oh yeah, this is sick death metal and it's actually good. The Ravenous are a super group consisting of Chris Reifert (Abscess, ex-Autopsy, ex-Death) on guitars, drums, and vocals, Danny Lilker (S.O.D., Nuclear Assualt, Hemlock, ex-Brutal Truth, ex-Anthrax) on Bass, and Killjoy doing vocals as well. Danny Coralles (Abscess, ex-Autopsy) and Clint Bower (Abscess, ex-Hexx) are also credited as guest musicians as both play guitar on the album.

Well, considering the musicians involved you would guess that this will be sick, down and dirty death metal...and that is exactly what you get. Some of the sickest lyrics I've seen and definately the sickest cover I've seen. It's a picture of a zombie eating the insides of a young girl while another girl is hanging in the background. Quite cool and looks very real.

The album begins and ends with shrieking intros and outros ("Shrieks of the Mutilated" and "Annointing the Worms") which really set the mood for the album...almost like a horror movie. Songs like "Dead, Cut Up, And Ready To Fuck", "Orgy in Dog's Blood", "Feasting from the Womb", and "Perverted Before God" are written very well. Eventhough the band isn't exactly inventing the wheel the music is well written and keeps you interested.

This is a great death metal album, easily my favorite "sick" death metal album and I wouldn't be surprised for someone to easily get into this and start screaming along. "DEAD, CUT UP, AND READY TO FUCK!!!!!!!!!"