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Now this is How a Horror Movie should Sound - 96%

Five_Nails, July 26th, 2009

Catchy, simple, bloody, and brutal, The Ravenous debut album, “Assembled in Blasphemy” is a ready-made horror movie soundtrack. With song titles like, “Dead, Cut Up, and Ready to Fuck”, “Orgy in Dog’s Blood”, and “Feasting from the Womb”, it is obvious that these guys were going for the sickest and most perverse lyrics possible, the kind of thing that the 700 Club would blame a school shooting on, and with a band made up of members of the first waves of death metal and grindcore including Autopsy, Necrophagia, Nuclear Assault, Abcess, and most importantly, Death, it is evident that The Ravenous would be able to execute this well, but perfectly, now that’s just a bonus.

Every instrument is tuned well, the drums are tight as, well, a drum, and the vocals are perfectly pitched to accompany the explosions of music surrounding them. Screaming, gargling, growling, and gagging, Frank Pucci and Chris Reifert create the most forbidden atmosphere of malice and murder, massacring all opposition to the destructive deeds they describe. The sound clips from what seems like different horror films and made in studio do well to open some of the songs as the horrific atmosphere that Mortician tried so hard to create is executed perfectly by The Ravenous engendering a sadistic laugh from me every time I hear one.

In all, this is a great release and very fun to listen to as it will scare the crap out of anyone who thinks that they have morals. The Ravenous really outdid themselves with this rather unknown debut album, but then again, with such a talented lineup, it is obvious that The Ravenous was “Assembled in Blasphemy”.