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Not dead yet... - 75%

Diamhea, December 23rd, 2015

Wow, this is some decent shit. The Prophet is yet another Russian melodeath castoff, but play a style tempered in poser blood and stoked in the flames of iniquity. Epic melodies skirt to and fro among churning, murky tremolo riffing that is occasionally riled up with blastbeats and quicker thrashing passages. The typical post-Gothenburg melodic death style is certainly the band's primary focus, but they don't sound quite as lightweight or ephemeral. The strong, Suidakra-esque melodies of "On the Path" prove the efficacy of this spartan template. Almost sounds like Kalmah, carving out credible and enthusiastic twin leads. Atop all of this madness sits Alexandr, his blackened sneer an effective deviation from the typical empty melodeath barking.

It's a simple formula, and it certainly works well here on Dying. Sections of the title track slow down into an imperial, melodic swagger that showcases the Emprise to Avalon-esque leads. Contrasting this is an inky tremolo assault, pinning down the primary riff appeals. Acoustic padding enunciates the atmosphere evocatively, and the guitars exhibit adequate crunch to offset the overpowering vocals. The vocalist certainly knows his limits, and doesn't attempt to extend past that. Mostly a mid-level exhaling growl; a black growl, as it were. Great leads on "Infection," which nails the perfect formula, with more hooks than a tacklebox and without devolving as a direct result.

Dissection is another clear influence, at least regarding the extensive use of brooding acoustic padding. The formula is hardly innovative, but "Last Mourning Waltz" has some nifty ambient affectations, including the piano near the end. The riffs are certainly nothing you haven't heard before, but the songs are coherently structured. Another deviation I enjoyed was the more upbeat instrumental "Amid the Fogs of Nothing." Just a great way to recalibrate the atmosphere around the halfway point of the album. The Prophet certainly have the fundamentals in place, and deliver a rather heavy and blackened take on melodic death here on Dying. From the machine gun precision drumming of "Killers" to the weighty riffs elsewhere, the album delivers a positive experience and is probably worth a spin or two.