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Great. - 90%

SepherZ, February 1st, 2009

When We Are Done Your Flesh Will Be Ours is really quite an underrated, excellent industrial death metal effort, from the swedish supergroup The Project Hate.

Even though this release is much more disoriented than their latest releases, I still have a warm place in my heart for it, as this is the album in which The Project Hate really started creating their own kind of music. In When We Are Done Your Flesh Will Be Ours (from now on - When We're Done), those guys finished formulating their music, and the result is very ear-pleasing. This album features some heavy, downtuned riffs, alongside crystal-clear feminine vocals, sometimes accompanied by them heavy riffs, and sometimes by electronic, quiet background music. But the best musical parts in When We're Done are, without a doubt, when the band masterfully combine both electronics and metal. Disciples of the Apocalypse, for example, is one hell of a song - with an opening that will surely make any healthy metalhead go crazy, and a perfect mixture of all of the band's features.

Another thing that makes me prefer this album over some of their more appreciated releases is Mia's vocals. I believe her to be twice the vocalist Jonna Enckell will ever be. It is a true pity they had to give her up back in 2002. She is the perfect contrast to Jorgen's very deep growling style, and The Project Hate manage to sound just as angry as always here, while also creating a dark atmosphere that they weren't able to recreate after Mia left. Too bad.
As for the little things:
Lyricwise - The Project Hate were a lost cause to begin with. I don't really relate to all this anti-christianity at all, but I count good, interesting lyrics as a luxury when it comes to metal. 95% of the bands lack interesting songwriting.
Aesthetics - The Project Hate have interesting cover arts, out of which this is probably the worst one, heh. It still is, however, quite interesting.. Only in a grose way.

In short, this album is highly underrated. It is a very fun, varied listen that doesn't get tiring at all (while some of The Project Hate's other releases might bore you after a while, to be honest). Some of the best songs here are the opener 'I Smell Like Jesus... Dead' 'Blessed Are We to Be Lied Upon' and 'Disciples of the Apocalypse'. Another highlight is the brilliant 'Dividead' - probably the best possible way to end an album of this caliber.