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Heretic, beautiful, just perfect. - 98%

Young_Metalhead, July 11th, 2009

Something I must say about The Project hate is the way this band has evolved. While there are many "heretic-antichristian" bands out there, TPH stands as one of the most creative and interesting. Their sound has become darker and hellisher, the bass is clearer, vocals are heavier and more beautiful than ever before. And they kick more christian asses too!

Having said that, let's start the review.

This album starts with an interesting bass line that somehow sounds nü-metalish. But soon you'll realize that was just a thing to distract you from what's about to begin. The first song is the longest in this album, with a great industrial break in the middle and another great one just in the end. They seemed to have changed the tunning for guitars and bass as they both sound more powerful.

In the second song you'll notice something new, interesting and weird. Clean male vocals!!! They were performed by Christian Älvestam, better known for his work in Scar Simmetry. Jonna's vocals are more charming than ever, I can't stop trying to sing along her...

Even songs are pretty long for a death metal band they stand ouf from each other, and they complement each other, too. Industrial breaks is the difference between a boring song a kick-ass one, one of the things fans of this band should be used to. In track 3 for example, there's a break with just bass, piano and drums, then Jonna's voice comes in and everything sounds like freaking paradise (if there is a paradise in hell!!!). Track 5 is also full of interesting vocals, some desperate, some infernal, some angelical/diabolical.

The final song is th best one in this album, adding an apocalyptic feeling to it. Seriously, it is epic, it is how Apocalypse should (and will) sound. I better stop listening to this at nights, because I can't sleep of the excitement their music gives me.

They have some really special guests besides Christian. Mike Wead who has played for Mercyful Fate, Candlemass and King Diamond brings some nice solos to this peace of heretic argh. I mean, art. Martin van Drunen who has sung for Bolt Thrower and Pestilence brings some yells to this infernal shit. L. G. Petrov who's Entombed's voice is also here. Though they haven't seemed to match another guest list as the one in Armageddon March Eternal with tons of backing vocals, now they don't need that many to make it sound infernal as hell can get.

They've focused more in guitars, and bass. Jonna has improves his singing even more. Jörgen is the Devil incarnated. Lord K. definetily wrote some of the best heretic shit and added that great feeling to bass again. Both new guitarist and drum player are doing a hell of a good work here.

Their 7th masterpiece and killing angels, burning souls and insulting Jesus-Fucking-Christ doesn't seem to end!!! Hopefully it will never end!!! Oh yeah in this could have been a 100 score but the album is too damn short to be perfect (64 minutes... At least they could have used 66... Or more than 7 songs...).

Thank you The Project Hate. Thank you for giving us the pleasure of your music.