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Killing Hellsinki - 90%

ShotgunBlasphemy, June 6th, 2003

It is no secret that I'm a huge fan of The Project Hate and they are set to release a new studio album in August, so recently I've been on a TPH high (okay, since I first heard them I've been on a TPH high) and I got their live album "Killing Hellsinki" not too long ago, even though it has been released way before I got it. Better late than never right? Right.

So I add all the tracks to my winamp playlist...

"Can't Wait" is the first song to be heard and the guitars kick in. Holy shit, this sounds fucken great. The band is playing great, and Mia can be heard clearly through this song and it made me wonder why people said they could barely hear Mia on the album. J's voKills are just monstorous, brutal, awesome, satanic, whatever. The best way to describe his voice is Satan Incarnate and that truly fits him.

K and MaZZa are not slacking off either, their guitars sound just as satanic and heavy as they do on the studio albums. As I listen to the other tracks I notice that Mia is getting harder and harder to hear. During one song it sounds like Jorgen gives Mia his mic cause she can barely be heard and out of nowhere she's clear but I shouldn't complain because the rest of the band more than makes up for it. I can only imagine what they sound like live with their new vocalissa Ms. Jo. And believe me, I have heard great things about that gig they did.

Also included with the live tracks are 3 demos with LG from Entombed doing some vocals on it. You'll find no talk of killing angels and christians on these demos, which makes them stand out from other tracks and they are a nice addition to this album.

Highlights for this album for me are:

"With Desperate Hands So Numb"
"The Divine Burning of Angels"
"Christianity Delete"
"I Smell Like Jesus..Dead"
and.."Forsaken By The Naked Light of Day"

The last track mentioned has the lyrics "When we are done, your flesh will be ours" and that truly fits The Project Hate. You can find this album on eBay, it's pretty common there.