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What An Introduction To Extreme Metal For Me! - 100%

Sraiken, November 2nd, 2006

This album is one of the very first extreme metal albums that I ever heard, and it served as a major stepping stone in rescuing me from the garbage that is the world of mainstream alternative metal. In fact, opening track “The Divine Burning Of Angels” was one of the very first death metal songs I had ever heard.

On to the album itself, man, is it brutal. It is a death metal album that manages to be unlike almost any other album that I have ever heard, except of course by the band itself. It’s filled with incredibly heavy-sounding guitars. Keyboard washes and piano interludes that help add to the really frightening atmosphere. The industrial breaks are also well-executed, and not overdone.

A key asset that the band has is in vocalist Jorgen Sandstrom. He has one of the best and most biting death metal growls I have heard in my entire life. (And I have heard a great deal of them!) Further, he growls with enough clarity that I can actually growl along with him as I listen to the music. This is definitely a plus, especially when considering the boatload of death metal vocalists that just gurgle their way through the music without letting anybody actually understand what they are saying.

By contrast, female vocalist Mia Stahl is a very good complement for Jorgen. She provides the clean singing that keeps the listener from losing his mind with the brutality that is The Project Hate. She doesn’t have the greatest voice in the world, especially considering her very limited range. However, her voice has just that perfect sound to balance Jorgen.

Outside of Jorgen, we have the main songwriter, Lord K (Kenth Philipson). He is an incredible songwriter. Lyrically, the album is incredibly well-done. Unlike most Satan-worshipping bands, this one puts together lyrics that are actually very poetic and well-written. From a musical standpoint, Kenth is not the best of players. Far from it, in fact. What he does have going for him is the ability to write hooks. The riffs he puts together are so ridiculously simple, but yet they are very anthemic and mosh-friendly. They are incredibly catchy. He also knows how to incorporate the keyboards to add just that diabolical touch to the music.

This is, overall, a completely amazing album. It’s not for everybody, as it does have the indistrial breaks, clean singing, and the lack of pure speed. In fact, most of the album resides in very mid-tempo range. That works well for the band, though. If you want some good, fun music, this is definitely the place to go!