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The Ogre Packet Slammers - Recreant

How do you fuck up something this bad? - 5%

GreogianChant, January 18th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2021, Digital, Independent

Ah man. This isn't gonna be good.

I first came across The Ogre Packet Slammers back in 2018 when they had just released their debut single "Giant Green Destruction". It seemed like this shitposty novelty act wouldn't last just off the first single alone, but low and behold they dropped an album a year later of the same name and you all know how I feel about that album. I think as far as releases went in 2019, Giant Green Destruction ended up as number one for my worst albums of the year list. If you want a more in depth look, go look at that review.

As for the current year of 2021, I kinda had these guys slip my mind up until recently when I visited their metal archives page only to discover they had covered one of my all-time favorite deathcore bangers, and I use that term very lightly by the way. I figured, "you know this band doesn't have a lot going for it, but surely they couldn't possibly butcher this song right?" Oh boy, I was very very wrong.

To start off with, the track itself is immediately condensed into a very short three minutes and sixteen seconds. I could've sworn the original track had a much longer run-time upon just looking at the timestamp, and sure enough I was right. This cover is EXTREMELY fast. They cranked the BPM to 300 or something, because the original had an over four minute runtime. Why you would ever want to put out something like this to the point of cranking up the speed when the original was so slow in comparison is beyond me.

On top of the short runtime this band gives this song, for whatever reason is barely even sounds like the original all the way through and not in a good way. The drums are programmed to the max and they sound just as lifeless as they did on their debut album. They really did give em the Aaron Kitcher flavor. They're fast, and that's about it because otherwise they're extremely lifeless in the mix. The only hint you'll ever get that this even is the original song is that iconic riff at the beginning of the track. It's played pretty well, but even then it's not that big of a compliment because of how basic the riff itself is. After that however the guitars from then on are mixed extremely low and have so much distortion and compression that the riffs are barely recognizable.

The vocals for the most part haven't changed whatsoever. If you know this band well enough, you know they're the flavor of deathgrowls and gutturals that are very obviously modeled after Dickie Allen. Brandon Craven however, seems to keep the same stale progression he has shown on previous outputs. The gutturals are br00t4l to the fuckin max, and by that I mean they're lifeless as hell. Doesn't help that they're so high in the mix it's almost insulting to the listener. The high screams are kind of a saving grace, but are barely present throughout the track while the original was loaded with ear-piercing shrieks and high screams layered on top of the death growls. Here, they seem extremely scarce and are really only used to add a smidge of variety while the rest of the performances are just gutturals. The track itself even ends with a somewhat impressive long and albeit drawn out guttural that becomes laughable as it progresses.

I understand the need to pay homage to the bands that came before you, but this is just a mindless butchering of one of the most iconic deathcore tracks to ever come out. How anyone can savagely mess up so many iconic moments is beyond me. The vocals are lifeless just as the drumming is, the riffs are doing the bare minimum to even come through in the mix and by the end of it you feel like you've missed so much apart from the beginning section. What the hell happened?

I think it's time to go back to the drawing board boys. Leave this one out in the dumpster.