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The Oath - Night Child / Black Rainbow - 98%

Opus_Oculto, October 4th, 2013

The Oath is one of those bands that make you still believe that there may be good heavy metal hidden in this world after the glorious years of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Candlemass, among others. There are only two tracks on this single and they show a band with a mature and well-made sound, bold lyrics and a lot of attitude.

Even not having a sound essentially new, Nightchild / Black Oath songs are extremely catchy holding the listener's attention by the hypnotic rhythm of the guitars and the voice of talented singer Johanna Sadonis. The riffs are pretty simple, but with an attractive and catchy melody, as were Tony Iommi riffs on classics like Paranoid. The big difference is that they are faster and diversified throughout the music. In some passages the songs slow down and go into a state of pure doom metal, with the sounds spreading from the deep beneath the echo of the voice of Sadonis to finally culminate in a fast pace again, reaching a mindblowing result for the listener.

The battery is not the highlight of the album, only effectively fulfilling its role of monitoring the brilliant work of the other instruments. The bass of Simon Bouteloup shows little creativity and most of the time follows exactly the pace imposed by guitarist Linnéa Olson. This gives the impression that both string instruments form a hypnotic chorus that sticks in the mind after you hear it the first time.

And, contrary to what one might think, the lyrics of The Oath is not subliminal, they are explicitly satanic. There are several references to the "father", to evil rituals and cemeteries. This is explained in part due to the musical past of some members of the band, as Johanna Sadonis, who was part of several black metal bands. Nevertheless, the lyrics are not bad, and treat Occultism and Satanism discreetly, however being raw and direct.

Night Child / Black Rainbow is one of the big surprises this year and The Oath tends to become a notable name in the heavy metal scene if they follow the strength and creativity of this single.

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