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Sludge-O-Rama - 81%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

The Mighty Nimbus jams through some sludged-out, muddy, stoner rock that’s comparable to Kyuss or latter day Corrosion Of Conformity here on their self-titled Threeman Records debut. The group’s bottom heavy grooves are thick as a London fog. The vocals alternate between brash, deep croons and rolling growls, providing the listener with some markedly creative performances that match the intensity of the group’s sound pound for pound. Sure, this approach is certainly nothing new.

That said, The Mighty Nimbus manage to execute this material just as well as any other band currently on the scene. “Coup De Grace (The Death Blow)” creeps up upon you slowly, altering your sonic perception with its bending, doomy riffage. ‘Get Me Low’ invokes Trouble, with its accessible refrains and markedly less raw vocals. The group features a highly potent guitar sound which is really brought to life with the performance of “Minnesota” Pete Campbell whose bluesy inflections teeter between vibrato infused molten doom and outright string smashing in order to create an atmosphere of maximum sub-sonic, down-tuned damage.

‘Resurrection Machine’ plods along like Godzilla, an enormous beast of a song that illustrates the massive weight this group puts into their material. As vocalist Dan Sloan (Sixty Watt Shaman) bellows like a wounded animal, you will simply get lost in the songs pulsating, massive groove. Likely, the greatest downfall here is the group’s somewhat schizophrenic nature vocally. The vox that are rawer in nature sound just as good as they do on the songs where Sloan uses more of a singing voice, but the styles are distinctly different and the group often sounds like two separate bands. This might be a quality that metalheads with varied tastes enjoy, but it is a factor likely to turn off less open-minded fans.

However, all in all, the band has certainly crafted a fine platter of deep south molasses metal here that should surely satisfy anyone deeply into stoner rock and sludge.