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Are you brave enough? - 90%

Wilczur, April 3rd, 2005

I use the word ‘funky’ with fear but it is true. A very ‘fun’ and ‘funky’ release for open minded individuals (at least when it comes to music!). The variety contained on this release is beyond a metal measuring stick. It is not pretentious art for the sake of being artsy. – it all flows and is greatly enjoyable but it is definitely out of the norm so be warned.

It is very hard to compare this to any bands but at certain moments I hear the strangeness of Sigh, the aggression of Grand Belials Key – mostly these two bands come to mind for some odd reason.

There are many elements on this release, it is still dark and at certain moments ‘black metal’ but it has many different layers, moods, great acoustic passages, amazing use of synths and other electronics as well as rarity in metal = actually well thought out lyrics. There is not a dull moment on this release but I am sure ‘purists’ will hate it.

It took a few spins to absorb the full genius of this release, this is the only material I have heard by the band so it is very hard to compare to their other release which I will obtain with time.

I often hear people refer to the newer material by Enslaved as ‘psychedelic black metal’ but I can not help to wonder if they have heard The Meads of Asphodel.

The album contains so many well thought out songs and ideas and passages that even people who are not into extreme metal music can enjoy it. It is not simple ‘peasant’ music for the metal masses.

So many different moods and such professionalism are rare. As a whole this album is more of an experience then actual listening to music.

This release also features a lot of guests: Huw Lloyd Langton [guitar] and Alan Davey [Bass] from Hawkwind. Vincent Crowley [Narration] from Acheron. Mirai [keyboards] from Sigh, and Paul Carter [Keyboards] from Thus Defiled.

Stand out tracks: 80 Grains of Sand, Guts for Sale, Utopia, A Healer Made God