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Heavy Metal, Doowop and Psychobilly Ragers - 80%

TheStormIRide, September 14th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Hells Headbangers Records

Originally released back in 2006 on Dark Horizon Records, Lust for Blood is the sophomore effort from Fort Wayne, Indiana’s punkened metal ghouls known as The Lurking Corpses. A decade after release, the fine folks at Hells Headbangers, with whom the band is currently signed, released a long-needed reissue of the album. Twenty tracks of headbanging horror metal are the order of the day. To the uninitiated, The Lurking Corpses sound like a hearty mix of thrashing traditional metal mixed with just a dash of straight forward death metal and tons of horror punk influence: think later era Deceased meets The Misfits while Mercyful Fate plays in the background.

While my first experience with the band was their incredibly fun and upbeat 2014 album, Working for the Devil, I jumped at the opportunity to delve into the band’s sordid past. Lust for Blood features nearly an hour of music over twenty tracks. The tracklist showcases a couple of the band’s live staples that I immediately recognized while playing through the album (“Scream and Scream Again” for one), so it’s certainly not a long forgotten and dusty album, though there are plenty of cobwebs. Despite a few surprises lurking in the corners, Lust for Blood sounds how I expected it to sound: punkened heavy metal with an absolute love and devotion for horror movies.

The instrumentation is solid, with everyone holding their own, though those familiar with their newer material should feel how much more fluid their sound is now. That being said, this is still a fantastic album to throw on when the mood strikes. Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul is one of the most versatile vocalists I’ve come across. While his main delivery is a snarling scream, he croons Glenn Danzig tinged lines, including those oohs and ahhs, the occasional King Diamond-esque high pitched shriek, and a deep, bellowing death metal growl. The guitars deftly move between upbeat punk riffs, thrashing traditional metal riffs, and nimble lead runs, while the rhythm section thunders away with some really cool punk beats. For all of the band’s adherence to metal and punk stereotypes for the majority of the album, a few surprises offer insight into more of the band’s influences; like the doowop chorus of “She Said Goodbye,” the psychobilly styling of “Death Train,” and the bluesy nature of the lead guitars.

Lust for Blood is a diverse offering of punkened metal, or metallic punk, or horror metal, or whatever the hell you want to classify this as. Though they have influences from all over the map, there aren’t a lot of bands that sound similar (perhaps Ghoul and All Hell are closest at times). If you like metal and the Misfits and ever wanted to hear what it would sound like if you combined the two, The Lurking Corpses will probably be the closest thing you’ll ever get. Be sure to catch their killer live show if you ever have the chance, because Lord Vladimir Von Ghoul does one of the best Cryptkeeper impressions you’ve ever heard.

Written for The Metal Observer.