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Different - I'll give them that - 76%

dystopia4, December 14th, 2010

This band is very different than many other funeral doom bands. They feature no bass or drums. Take away the deep cavernous harsh vocals and it would almost be an ambient album. The vocals feel totally out of place. The lack of bass is forgivable but the absence of drums totally desecrates this demo. It just doesn't feel right.

The ambient parts that make up most of the instrumentation are very good. They are serene when they need to be and at other times creepy. Without the vocals we would have a great guitar laced ambient album. Now there is nothing wrong with the vocals, they are competent for a funeral doom band. They are just out of place. The typical funeral doom melodic guitar leads are very well executed and blend nicely with the ambient. The rhythm guitar, however, is not as nice. It is extremely unpolished and does not go well with the other worldly feel all the other instrumental parts give off. It is a good thing that they are sparse and left out in many sections.

Despite this demos shortcomings, most of the songs are still quite interesting. The keyboards sometimes remind me of Colosseum. At times, the lead guitar sounds like a more atonal version of the ones used on Ahab's second album. The ambient sections always last long enough to draw you into a certain mood, and then when the vocals come, it takes you into a more aggressive version of that mood. Having drums complementing the vocals would have made this effect even stronger. I really like the song " The Last Breath is Cold." It sounds very desolate and, well, cold. In this song they choose ambient over funeral doom and completely leave out the vocals. Because this song has direction, it ends up being the best song on the demo.

This could have been a great demo. Leave out the vocals and we would have a good ambient/instrumental demo. Add drums and bass and we would have a good funeral doom demo. But having done neither of these things, this demo seems downright weird and out of place. I hope this band chooses one of those directions in the future.