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The Leviathan's Mandible > Desolate > Reviews > ThrashingMad
The Leviathan's Mandible - Desolate

Could have been so good - 38%

ThrashingMad, October 10th, 2007

This is a very odd release, but not because it is doing anything radically different from most other bands or exploring new genres. No, this is an odd release because of its remarkable ability to shift from awesome to absolute horseshit in mere seconds.

"Constructs Of A God Complex" starts off like a fucking monster that will readily devour the listener at anytime time. The first riff of the song is perfect. It is catchy, melodic, and it gets your head banging. The vocals are deep death growls that work pretty well. So far everything is going nicely, then it all goes downhill, no it doesn't just go downhill, it falls off a goddamn cliff. Around 30 seconds into the song they throw away that awesome riff and go straight to a terrible breakdown. Then the pig squeals come in and totally kill the song. It’s all completely unnecessary, why is this stuff in the song? What happened to the song I loved just a few seconds ago? The song continues in this annoying fashion until it ends. There is another good riff somewhere in between breakdowns, but it is not nearly enough to save the song. Ugh, deathcore kills everything.

"Advocation Of Vanity" is much better. It has a lot really good technical riffs that are constantly changing. Unlike the first track, the deathcore elements are kept to a minimum. There are a few annoying squealing parts, but the vocals are good for the most part. This song has good consistency and that is exactly what the demo needs more of.

'Slither" is pretty much bad the whole time. It kicks off with some decent riffing but soon falls off the same cliff the first song fell off. Bad vocals and mediocre riffs bring the track to its painful death.

"The Real Hatfield And McCoys" sounds surprisingly like regular grindcore compared the more experimental sound of the rest of the songs. At this point it feels like a breath of fresh air. The riffs are simple but very good. The vocals sound more like typical grind vocals, varying between deep growls and high screams. Also there is a nice tempo shift towards the end of the song. All these things come together to make one really good song. Again consistency, it’s the path to success.

Many parts of this demo are truly great, but there are just too many stupid factors that hold it back. It is way too inconsistent to be called good or even okay for that matter. If they cut out all the stupid shit they would be really good, but I seriously doubt that will happen.