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The Legion - Unseen To Creation - 90%

chasm, July 26th, 2004

The Legion, hails from Sweden (Jönköping) and have delivered hate-filled black/death for quite a while now. Bands like Dissection are a big influence, you can't talk against that. "Unseen To Creation" was what I think one of last years better releases and these guys really knows to play. It's typical for a alike black metal band; Tortured screams, Deep back-up growls, Cool technical riffs who are heavy and melodic. Well, the drumming is fucking awesome. The "Blast-you-to-hell"-drumming is tight,chaotic and outstanding! The production is very good, clear and well-mixed. Now folks, it' not anything different in musical-way, just good quality Black metal. If you're into blasting black metal check this up.