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Underrated... - 96%

blodbotina, April 18th, 2007

Well this is, together with Vile (US), my favorite band on Listenable Records. These guys are doing mostly fast black metal, and they're damn good at it!
With a style similar to Dark Funeral, a well known Swedish black metal band, and some melodies which remind to early Dissection a lot, they managed to impress me even though I'm not a big black metal fan or something...
There is something I really don't understand... why do people compare this to other fast black metal bands and recommend Marduk instead. This is completely different, people! Marduk's style is something like simple riff based headbanging BM (at least in their "Panzer Division Marduk" and "Plague Angel" phase), their classical albums like "Nightwing" and "Those of the Unlight" are another case...

The Legion's "Unseen to Creation" simply owns all of Marduk's, or any other fast black metal band's albums. This is something I was looking for in BM, lyrics that aren't just anti-christian or pure satanic-based, but something more... epic. It's just a style I like better. Take this part for example... "Dreams of anguished souls in fire
Lifted from below by broken wings
On their torn and damaged bodies
The truth, told by bleeding scars "
There are tons of more stuff like that, it shows of grimness in it's purest form! Not something like "we killed Jesus and then ass-raped him with an upside-down cross".

The drumming is mainly based on smooth, polished blast beats which vary in speed. The double-bass-pedal is done perfectly! Not too clicky-sounding like in some albums like "Dechristianize" by Vital Remains, and not too harsh sounding like in Disavowed's "Perceptive Deception" (which is good in that style, but would suck in this one...) I can just say that I love this drummer, he simply did the job flawlessly!

The guitar part is simple to Dark Funeral's in "Vobiscum Satanas" but much cleaner in sound and, to be honest, better in general. Mainly consisting of high notes and some heavy rhythm guitar work. There are some clean guitar parts in 7th and 11th songs, don't remember about the others, and they fit in perfectly, those parts together with an intro and some ambient/instrumental songs made this album very interesting to listen to. Nothing much to say about this, I'll leave it to you if you decide to listen to it, I was very, very satisfied with it.

Hmm... the vocals are some shrieks and violent screams (which I especially liked) with some very low growls, and also some double-track vocals similar to Glen Benton's, but more black metal sounding, like they're supposed to be. To be honest, it surprised me how far did he go with the screams, they were extremely high in some parts.

There is also an "anonymous" keyboard part which fits in perfectly, just like the clean guitar work. In the song "On Swift Wings" I was kinda glad to hear how much atmosphere can a pure black metal band create.

Anyway, to end this horribly written review (my English sucks, sorry :/ ), I would like to say that this is a way to go for all fast black metal fans who got bored listening to Marduk's records over and over again and want a slight chance in the atmosphere and mood of the music, that's the main reason I wrote this for. :)