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Good mixture of dark & aggressive Black Metal - 85%

sulphuric, June 2nd, 2008

"Morbid Path" is the third demo-EP from this spanish BM horde. Released through Final Embrace Records on CD format limited to 500 copies.

This is a short work (around 15 minutes) with six tracks of aggressive black metal mixed with obscure, epic & cold passages. The sound is very primitive but powerful, maybe the most important problem is the lack of an human drummer, but the drums tracks were made with an excellent musical taste.

In this blasphemous attack you'll find several kinds of rhythms (hellblasting style, black/thrash, and mid tempos with a melancholic atmosphere), a very interesting and good mixture, very difficult to do correctly, that demonstrates the quality of the band to adapt every hymn to the feeling that they want to transmit. I see "Morbid Path" as a compilation of hate, misanthropy, melancholy & warlike fury... all under the sign of the evil.

Their songs are generally in the vein of the swedish BM bands but with a decadent touch and "old school" feeling (you can listen this in songs like "Fire & Brimstone", "Final Embrace" or "Eternal Hatred"). Maybe "It's getting dark " is the strangest song in the context of the demo, because is slower than the rest and it has an awesome oppressive and agonizing atmosphere similar to the Suicide BM bands.

In my oppinion "Morbid Path" is a very good work of the darkest BM with a unic style from one of the best bands of the southern Europe.