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Very intense and draining listen - 74%

Noktorn, September 12th, 2008

The Krushers are a very persistent band who have landed themselves a place in numerous metal distros due to nonstop (and I do mean nonstop) advertising and aggressive pursuit of trades. Of course no one actually knows anything about the band other than that they have a very unoriginal name and similarly drab cover art on their debut album, 'Omonimo'. Fortunately the music is substantially better than their aesthetic sense.

This band plays a very primordial combination of death, black, thrash, and grind, as though they were crafting this music before any of those genres had clear lines or boundaries. You can almost draw a comparison to Hellhammer, with The Krushers existing in a similarly murky crossroad of genres. The album certainly begins on a strange note with a riff that sounds like an outtake from Danzig's 'Twist Of Cain' before an almost epic midpaced section enters, then followed by a Goatpenis-style section of black/grind including an atonal Kerry King-style solo. The rest of the tracks are a bit more coherent but no less varied, with the band regularly touring around the whole spectrum of extreme metal within a single song but still revolving around a certain logical core.

Riffing typically has a base of thrash with either death, thrash, or grind layered on, while vocals range from goblinlike Brazilian black/thrash shouts and Napalm Death roars. Drums seem to be real but played with an electronic or triggered kit. The song structures have a strange sort of tension to them, with a lot of the riffing depending upon the quick alternation of one or two chords before breaking into a melodic fragment at the end of a phrase. Sudden breaks into slow, thrashy buildup sections are frequent before the band gradually picks up speed and returns to blitzing grind. It's sometimes hard to follow but never really unlistenable.

The Krushers do fairly creative music, though it's not something I'd really listen to on a very regular basis. The album gets pretty exhausting with its constant tonal changes and the production leaves much to be desired, sounding like a mid-level demo with direct input guitar tone (particularly bad in the lead department) and overall flat feel. The songwriting is solid but could use a bit of work in memorability; frequently there's so many different musical ideas expressed that it all runs together into a single blur of here-then-there riffing and crazed screams.

Overall though, I admire this band's spirit. They're one of those bands that hearkens back to a time in metal when all the rules weren't as carefully laid out as they are now, and it's pretty cool to listen to music that exists on its own terms, not a set of predefined elements. I think oldschool death/black/grind/thrash fans will find a lot to enjoy in this album, and others might want to check it out as well. I think with a bigger recording budget this sort of music would be stronger, so here's looking forward to new material from these Italians.