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The Kolony - Mischiefs and shenanigans - 90%

Phuling, June 21st, 2009

Hell yeah, finally they release something new. I really enjoyed their two demos, but they were both released back in 2004, or something like that. And for years we were promised a split on 2+2=5 Records, but after a while I came to realize that would never happen. So it’s been silent, too silent, for five years now. Seems like they were forced to release something on their own to make it happen, ‘cause Mischiefs and shenanigans is a self-produced album. But they’ve spared no expenses, nonetheless. The booklet looks absolutely killer; just as fucked-up as you’d expect it. And their lyrics are seriously disturbed. Lick the backs of a couple of toads and they might make sense. Everything is just as fucked-up as you’d like it.

But they don’t mess around when it comes to the music. This is tight-as-hell, intriguing, technical and unorthodox. I have absolutely no idea what genre to try and label them with; it’s just simply metal. The riffing certainly flirts with thrash metal at times, but at times it comes off as thrashing grindcore, and suddenly there’s some good ol’ death metal song-structure. And everything’s done with a punkish attitude. But nevertheless this is some seriously coherent shit, where each beat, riff and scream is surgically placed and executed. And it comes delivered with great sound, courtesy of Evil Grill Studio, known for recording tons of crustcore acts. But this has a clear metal sound, which seems fitting for such a release.

Some old favourites from their demos are here (except for "Psionic blast", which would’ve been cool to have re-recorded as well) along with a lot of new favourites; "Good boys swallow" and "Jolly good joybomb". The latter one carries with it a new aspect with the hardcore-ish backup choirs, adding a great deal of attitude. Not that the album really lacks any, neither in writing nor performance. "Mischiefs and shenanigans" is constantly in your face. The dual vocals complement each other perfectly as the grunts intertwine with the gnarly screams, which are backed up by loads of other squeals. And with the masterful instrumentalism and exceptional lyric and music writing I can’t for the life of me understand why they’re unsigned. Maybe they’re just too unorthodox, I don’t know. Or maybe it’s ‘cause they’re too lazy and it took them three years to finish this album. But it’s too damn bad, ‘cause they certainly have something unique about them.

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