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Humpty Dumpties - 96%

MutatisMutandis, April 25th, 2007

Again, I realize this EP's gotten some gray hairs since it's release, but since No Escape have dropped hints about a re-release to celebrate the band's reunion, I really don't see a reason not to review this fiiiine piece'a grind performed by an eggheaded trifecto.

The Kill play relentless high-tempo gore-ish Grindcore with a technical edge, packed with disorienting time changes employing a fairly original razor-sharp riffing style with the occasional subtly blackened melodies and Goregrind mid-tempo breakdowns. The drumming is suprisingly varied and intense, and I was totally baffled when I learned that their skinsman didn't even utilize a double bass pedal for the recording. Exactly why I'm having trouble grasping, but whatever the reason, it gives the album an unorthodox feel, probably upping the general novelty - thus listenability - even more than I've realized. Shut up, I know it's not a gimmick, the concept just intrigues me.

What I've really taken a liking to, though, is the odd sense of melody that rarely rears its evil head, but prefers to sneak around under a veil of technicality and brevity, reminiscent of Immolation on first listen, or even Fuck...I'm Dead to a lesser extent. Obviously, these guys don't even belong in the same breath as Immolation, but I think you get the point. Basically: melody doesn't generally "belong" in grind, gets a hearty welcome nonetheless.

The itty bitty running time makes it a fairly addictive listen, especially since it's afflicted with something I call "Assuck Syndrome" (ie a short length but "hefty Hefty HEFTY"), but even so, I think it'd probably take a while for me to warm up to a full length due to the speed. Not a complaint, just an observation. Give it a few months, and No Escape'll hopefully come to the rescue and reissue this circular sex saw. The alternative is a maniacal ebay scouring that could last up to 2 years. True story to all you asswads who got this struggle-free when it came out. Fuck you!