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The Kill - Hate sessions 2000-2002 - 100%

Phuling, July 21st, 2008

Boy oh boy, it’s finally here; the re-release of The Kill’s legendary "The soundtrack to your violence", plus their self-titled demo (that was also released as a 7”). And right from the very first second it’s difficult not to get drawn into "Axe attack" and start screaming “I’m gonna fucking kill ya” at the top of your lungs. Never have the grindcore scene been hit with such violent ferocity before, and it’s about damn time it’s reintroduced to the world.

The blasting hits just keeps coming at you, like your own private hailstorm shredding through your speakers. It’s absolutely non-stop blasting, even when they throw in a breakdown it’s blasting. And how can you not get impressed when this was created with a single kick-drum. The sound is raw-as-hell and fits this perfectly, as they present some of the most frantic screams ever heard. The vocals are absolutely lethal, as it sounds like a couple of madmen screaming for their own lives in utter desperation and anger. There’s no bass, just a guitar. But who the hell needs a bass anyway when the riffing presented here is so extremely frenzied it adds even more violence to the mix.

The demo tracks have slightly more crude sound, but still lethal, and without a doubt worthy of your time. There’s just not much more to say about these lads; absolutely top-notch grindcore that is still, after five years, unmatched in ferocity and violence. I’m thrilled they’ve re-spawned to craft even more deadly grindcore in the future, and I really hope they’ll come join us here in northern Europe for some gigs, ‘cause we sure-as-hell need them to show us how it’s done. Forget Nasum and what other Swedish legends you might hail as top-of-the-line; The Kill is the shit!

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