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Night Of The Chinese Riff-Monsters - 90%

Occultcannibal, August 31st, 2012

Now, i'm not too familiar with the Chinese black metal scene, so i was a bit on the skeptical side when I saw this album. But, upon acquiring it anyways I realized how badass these guys really are! Everything about this release reeks of primitive black metal from the grim north! These four Chinese fellas really know there stuff, the riffs are all melancholic, depressing and at time full of this angry, biting style that I've never quite heard before. Some of these riffs will really stick with you, especially the main riffs in "April 10th" and "May God Bless Our Race". Now, i've never heard this band until i grabbed this release, so i had no idea what to expect from it, I honestly wasn't expecting too much, but holy shit, this album kicked me in the teeth and forcefully covered me in corpse-paint and frostbites!

I don't like doing song-by-song reviews, but I really need to dissect the track "April 10th", it's just such a badass track, I don't know how they managed to pull it off, but this entire song is filled with this scathing angry, depressed sound. It really amesk you think about dying, repressed people forced to live under tyrannical overlord! Something about how oddly the main riff in the track is written really blows my mind. It sounds so sad, so anguished! Plus, the main riff is hummable, I find it stuck in my head fairly often!

Now, as far as speaking about the band themselves and their musical abilities, there's not too much to say. Everything is done in a very primitive and lo-fi manner. The drums consist of mainly slower beats, the occasional blast and few sparse moments of double-bass. Honestly, not a bad drummer, but as he's obviously going for the lo-fi feel, theres not much to comment on. The bass is completely inaudible the entire album, there aren't more then a few seconds where you can clearly hear the bass. But where these guys lack (to an extent) in the rhythm section they make up for with the extremely powerful black metal shrieks and howls and the soul-scarring riffs! Just about every riff is extremely memorable and really brings out the best that black metal has offered in the past few years. The vocals are extremely good, ranging from the disgusting wailing/howling shrieks of "10030X" to the vaguely Immortal sounding rasps on "April 10th" to the more usual black metal sounding vocals on tracks like "Skulls Pyramid" as well as the remarkably weird vocal lines in "May God Bless Our Race". These guys know there shit, and they know how to write badass and occasionally creepy black metal in the super lo-fi, old school manner of fashion.

I'd recommend these guys to anyone who fucks with black metal, in any form. Whether it be Darkthrone, Burzum, Immortal, Vlad Tepes, G.B.K. or even Mütiilation, The Illusion of Dawn does not fail to keep up with the best of them, which is remarkable for a debut album. Especially a debut album from an unknown Chinese black metal band! I'd recommend this to anyone who's a fan of the Chinese metal scene, any of those bands i mentioned earlier or are fans of black metal in general!