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Simply, shit. - 10%

contemplation1986, February 15th, 2011

Seeing these sort of albums being released in abundance in funeral doom scene, it is very heartbraking to say that the people who listen to this stuff don't set any standarts. Very weird that this album is being prasied in various forums as best funeral doom album of 2010 - it is actually a massive piece of shit.

This is very easily digestible and frightfully simplistic boring funeral doom. Songs are too repetitive and there are long and repetitive choruses, some riffs last 10 minutes long. This isn't a big deal in bands such as Tyranny which have great ambient feeling, but this album doesn't have anything related to atmosphere. Actually riffs are good, they have a cosmic and esoteric feeling, but the album is very infertile. It could be said that this is only one song prolonged to a full-length.

It is funny actually, in a sense, that you have a single mini-CD in your hand that could be spinned countless times in your music player, yet there is only one song in it, you can play it over and over and somehow get the feeling that you are listening to a full-length album.

Since hopefully there are good funeral doom bands such as Evoken, Mournful Congregation, Esoteric, Funeral, Skepticism, Pantheist etc, some people still can tell the difference between what is good and what is fraudulence. Avoid like plague.