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Atmospheric, epic, tranquil, yet slightly generic. - 90%

OBLIVIONxSPAWN, July 6th, 2011

Funeral doom is a genre that is generally filled with sounds of despair, depressive imagery, pain, and solitude. People coming into this album expecting that in heavy doses may be slightly disappointed. I, on the other hand was happily surprised and impressed with this release and I sat captivated by every keyboard laced and epic song the album had to offer. This is an album that must be experienced with no distractions, and must be experienced with an open mind for long term listeners of the funeral doom genre.

Shadows Over The Cosmos managed to immerse me in a tranquil and relaxing listening experience. Though the genre's notorious bleakness perpetrated by the cover artwork does begin to show a little more prominently near the end of the album, it does not bring down anything put forth or evoked in the previous tracks. The album flows very nicely and if you are in the mood for this kind of music it doesn't wear out its welcome.

The production is excellent, and a step above Megaliths Of The Abyss. The keyboards are, for me, the highlight of this album. I've heard them described as majestic on this album and I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly. They are really what make this album standout. The melodies created may often give you chills and bring you into the music even more. This is a musical journey worth taking.

This is not the most original album, and definitely not a genre changer, but everything is executed so well that it is, for me, a very worthwhile listen. People who have trouble with repetition and simplicity may be turned off by this album, but chances are that if you are turned off by those things in the first place you are not a huge fan of funeral doom.

Overall I highly recommend this album as it is an atmospheric, epic, and tranquil listen that is not worth missing out on.