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A serious, heavier, more focused THH - 92%

returntrip, October 23rd, 2004

I sit here now the 23rd of Oct. 2004 with this brand new album from THH. Listened to it about 20 times now, and I like the vibe on it better than Divine Propaganda. Don't get me wrong, DP was great, but this is a heavier, more focused, serious THH on this record.

The Crossing is a great opener to the album. Blistering leadwork from the main man Wino, and cool vibe all around. Really grooves. Half Mast has a more laid back approach with great vocal sounds by Wino, and a great ending. "Overcome! We will...overcome!" Just the type of thing for this rebellious sort of bunch.

Desensitized is probably my favorite song on the album. This version combines the two sides of the first 7" release into one song. It's just straight badass Wino here. The song is a great lyric in itself, but also has some crazy stoner/doom jam in there which is amazing to me. Draco Vibration is a great experiment into the kinds of sounds you can get out of a band going in the direction of THH. It's psychadelic, it sounds like Sabbath jamming on acid.

Black Ribbon is another standout track from MTD. Bruce's voice sounds really powerful here. The verse builds and builds into this awesome chorus filled with great background instrumentation. Really haunting chorus that sticks in your mind. Love this track. Magdalene is full on great vocals from Wino. There's nothing really groundbreaking about it. Just a solid song with great lyrics and guitar goodness.I think Currents combines the psychadelic feel of Black Ribbon with a more repetitive doom-like guitar sound. Not really a standout track to me. Probably my least favorite.

Travesty as Usual. Badass Wino once again. "Swallow these lies y'all keep swallowin' " says Wino on the first line. This song really reinforces the words of Wino in "if it aint heavy, it aint shit". This one is heavy, dark, and chocked full of, as far as I see it, a lot of the energy of an Obsessed song. Coffin Lily is a great hard-rock oriented track. This, I think, is my favorite vocal performance from Wino on this album. It reinforces that voice that nobody else can touch in this genre. Unmistakable and signature. The drum work from Dave is really cool too on Coffin Lily. I'd like to see this one played live. Sons of Kings is my 2nd least favorite on the album I think. It seems like this song's vibe may have been covered on other songs on the album. It has a slow vibe, with a frantic mid-section. It is a good song, just not one of the standout tracks to me. Deprogramming dives deeper into this sort of experimentation of sounds, grooves, and psychadelic path. Closes out the album well. Lets you know you've been on a serious trip of political, personal, and emotional relevance with The Hidden Hand. This band keeps getting better. I look forward to future works and live shows.