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Beyond All Remorse Review - 100%

BeyondAllRemorse, February 7th, 2006

Gospel Songs In E Minor
Xtreem Music

Having been really taken by The Heretic's 'Chemistry For The Soul' album, it is fair to say that the follow up has been eagerly awaited. So often in these cases the anticipation far outweighs the reality that actually greets you. Thankfully with 'Gospel Songs In E Minor', The Heretic have delivered the goods and what's more there is a authoritative stamp of quality about it all as well.

As this reviewer is painfully aware, The Heretic may not be the most universally known band around in present climes, but this shouldn't put anyone off investigated this sensational album. From the atmospherics of the introduction 'Sunday Morning, The 13th ' to the fading echoes of 'The Day Of The Lord' The Heretic simple dazzle with epic blasts of Symphonic Black Metal. If you were taken by the latest Arturnus offering then you are going to be simply blown away by this masterpiece of ingenuity and imagination.Epic passages of gloom combine freely with various effects, keyboard interplay and caustic vocals not forgetting the blistering guitar work that is the mainstay of this masterpiece. Its hard to pick out stand out tracks as this album is packed full of them from start to finish, but I particularly like the pounding stomp of 'Monster' complete with ancient chants and over the top synth work. The aforementioned 'The Day Of Our Lord' is also a majestic journey of light and shade, that show to anyone who cares to cope a listen that The Heretic are indeed very big news indeed.