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One of the most original Spanish bands ever - 89%

Onirium, September 9th, 2004

THE HERETIC is probably one of the most original bands I've ever heard, but unluckily at the same time they are one of most underrated bands I know. Basically their music is Black Metal full of melodies and atmospheres, but they mix it with many different elements creating something purely own: technical riffs, some weird instruments like the oboe, electronic sounds… They have something good, and that's that you can't agree with someone else when you have to compare them with other bands. Some people will say they sound like AT THE GATES, others that they sound like THE KOVENANT, ARCTURUS, DEATH… and so on… the best thing you can say is that they sound like a mixture of all this things, but it would be even better to say that they have their own sound! Fortunately, although you can think this is madness, you don't need to listen to their music two times to like it. The production is pretty good, and the same goes with the presentation, containing a very professional booklet with pictures and all the lyrics. And if you want even more I will tell you that this CD contains five extra live tracks and a re-recording of an old song which appeared on their first MCD 'The Book Of Fate' five years ago. It's a good example of the evolution this band has followed through the years. Hope they receive the recognition they deserve! And if you don't believe me, please, listen 'Eden In Venom', one of the best instrumental songs I've heard in my whole life. I think this album is going to open many doors to this people.