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bury your dead motherfuckers - 96%

ironasinmaiden, January 29th, 2003

The Haunted Made Me Do It is one of those albums that has a visceral vibe only heavy metal can encompass... an intangible energy that runs through every riff, scream, or snare roll. After the Haunted's debut, they were christened the saviours of thrash ( a title i agree with) and the next Slayer... instead of taking a similar approach on MMDI, they opted for big choruses, the occasional melody, and better songwriting.

The first time I heard Dark Intentions/Bury Your Dead my jaw hit the floor... the same kind of feeling I got when I heard that first Slayer song 5 or 6 years ago. You just can't fuck with that, folks... Marco Aro does a good, if not outstanding job at replacing the mighty Peter Dolving. His clean vocals on Hallow Ground and Under the Surface are pretty lame, but sufficient. Aro's raspy style is rather like Mr. Tomas Lindberg, something I have no problem with whatsoever.

There is a few At the Gatesisms abound, as the Bjorler brothers take the majority of songwriting credits. Jensen puts in his 2 cents with Revelations, a fucking insane thrasher with enough riffs to kill your entire family twice, and Silencer, whose chord changes are almost hard rock at times. Leech is grinding and monolithic, Trespass is more melodic, and everything in between kicks alot of ass.

There were so many fucking ace albums in 2000.... dead heart in a dead world, of one blood, urkraft, blackwater park... made me do it is a welcome addition to that list. If you can't appreciate this, I worry about you