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They try too hard to be too brutal. - 47%

Nightcrawler, March 1st, 2003

First of all, let's state that this is not thrash, it's melodic death. Now that we've got that thing out of the way, let's begin with the review.

This album could actually be very good if they didn't try so damn hard. The sound is raw and angry, the guitars are heavy and have a very nice sense of melody, the drum and bass do their job very well. But the vocalist is quite mediocre. His half-shouting/half-growling voice is pretty weak.
My second complaint is that they just try too fucking hard to be too fucking brutal. There are a whole bunch of riff changes in every song, and while most songs have one or two damn fine riffs, most of it is incoherent, boring and very forgettable, and all the songs sound the same. It seems that they just added riff after riff along with kill-and-hate-everything lyrics, for the sake of adding riff after riff along with kill-and-hate-everything lyrics.
They need to concentrate on how the riffs work with eachother, and to make the verses more memorable.

It's not all bad though, there are quite a few highlights. Dark Intentions is a dark, heavy and melodic intro which sets a very cool mood, and it's followed by Bury Your Dead, one of the highlights. Very nice, and rather memorable all through. Keep writing stuff like this and you'll get about 70 from me.
We also have Leech. The opening riffs and verses are fucking brutal! Pounding double bass, and fast-as-hell devastating riffs, along with crushing midpaced verses. Headbanging madness! But, the rest of the song sucks ass. It's all too forgettable and boring, and the chorus is pretty much hardcore-ish.
Revelation is a fun little mosh number. Heavy, brutal and short- too short to be as forgettable as most of the songs, thus one of the best tracks.
Then it's all pretty much the same, until Under the Surface, which has some quite memorable stuff and a nice chorus done with clean vocals, and another short mosh track called Victim Iced, which closes off the album.

Those are the album's few good moments, the rest is pretty much shit.
Maybe their other albums are better; I shall have to see when I get them.