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The Haunted Made Me Listen to this Bullshit - 2%

DamnRight, June 25th, 2003

Now I admit this review is biased because I dislike the Haunted live or on cd, but I payed money for this crap so I'm gona tell it like it is. I've been told that The Haunted are a great live band, but if this is any indication, they are pretty damn boring. This live cd has absolutely no redeeming qualities, the vocals consist of horrible monotone hardcore screaming (sounding far worse than on cd even), crappy weak guitar sound with no punch, shitty lead tone, and pointless in-between song crowd interaction. The singer really pisses me off especially, he sounds like he should be singing for Slipknot or some bullshit like that, he just plain fucking sucks. Also, the guitar sound is really weak to me, live and on album, and at one point in "hollow ground", the guitars lose all punch altogether, and mysteriously sound like keyboards or some bullshit like that.

It doesn't help that all these songs suck to begin with, and are only made worse in a live setting. And what the fuck is the intro for?? 24 seconds of wierd Japanese Haunted fans making wierd noises in the crowd? Its good for a laugh I guess the first time, well nevermind, it is necessary because you need those 24 seconds to prepare for the shitty music.

There are no highlights of this album, so lets talk about how much the song Leech sucks, or Trespass, or Revelation. Holy shit these songs suck, but not all that much more than any of the other songs on the album. Revelation in particular is like 2 minutes long with a really shitty Slayer-wanabe fast rift, and some incredibly horrible vocals. If you thought the album version couldn't get any worse, wait till you hear it live. The guitars sound like shit, adding to the shittyness of the riffs. Before the song starts, the singer asks the crowd if he can take their picture, I wonder if this is for a before and after type thing, taking a picture of what the crowd looks like before being bombarded with a really fucking shitty song, and maybe he snuck in a picture afterward of their horrid facial expressions. He says "You Guys are the Greatest" when the song ends, probably because he is surprised the crowd is actually still there. As a matter of fact, the singer shouts lots of stupid things between songs, in a pathetic attempt to get the crowd going. Did I mention almost every fucking song by The Haunted sounds almost exactly the same?? Oh god this is so fucking boring. Towards the end of the cd, the stupid bastard singer asks the crowd to count to three, and a shitty song called Three Times starts. Luckily, the cd soon ends, and hopefully someone will be there to wake you up, because this cd will most likely have put you to sleep by the time it is over.

I don't reccomend this cd to anyone, except maybe to the government to use as a method of torture on prisoners of war. Other than that, I don't think even fans of the band need to listen to this crap. If you honestly like this band, you're better off just listening to the studio albums, as this cd has nothing to offer as a live album.